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Spinal Track Corporate Rally Days

Your company can help us! Not only through sponsorship and donations, but also by buying one of our corporate rally days. All of our corporate day prices include a £1000 donation to Spinal Track, which will fund a driving experience day for our beneficiaries.

Spinal Track Corporate Rally Days

Our Spinal Track Corporate Rally Days are run at the Bill Gywnne Rally School. These days are for ten drivers and are run in the Bill Gwynne Rally School cars, which are RWD Escorts, 4WD Subarus and FWD Micras.

This experience is an all-day event run at Turweston Aerodrome, located just off the A43 near Silverstone. The day will consist of one-to-one tuition for each of the drivers, all of whom will be entered into the ‘driver of the day’ competition. The day will also include a passenger lap from tetraplegic rally driver and charity founder Nathalie McGloin, driving on the stage in one of our hand-controlled Spinal Track Toyota GT86 rally cars. Nathalie will also deliver a short speech at lunchtime to inform people about the charity and deliver any core company values, if desired. The days start at 9am and finish at 5pm and include lunch and refreshments. There is the opportunity to kit the area out with company logos and literature if you wish. The cost of a day for ten drivers is £5,000.

Disabled Drivers Corporate Days

We have the pleasure of being able to run disabled drivers corporate days for companies who wish to invite clients and staff who have disabilities. We can cater for six disabled drivers on these days. This experience is run in the same way as the Spinal Track Corporate Rally Days but using our adapted Spinal Track Toyotas. The cost of a day with six drivers is £3,000.

We also have the capacity to accommodate a mix of disabled and non-disabled drivers on these days. If you have any disabled drivers needing an automatic car we will provide our adapted Toyotas to run alongside the Bill Gywnne Rally School cars. On the mixed days we can run up to four disabled drivers alongside six non-disabled drivers.

For more information about the Bill Gwynne Rally School visit:

The days can be booked between Tuesday and Saturday and the school still operates in the winter.



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A typical Corporate Rally Experience includes…

  • Registration - Turn up and sign the indemnity forms

  • Driver’s Briefing - A thorough briefing on safety and driving techniques

  • Helmet Fitting - We’ll kit you out with a balaclava and a helmet with an intercom

  • Driving Sessions - You’ll get a number of sessions on the rally stage to build your confidence and ability

  • A Passenger Lap - With tetraplegic rally driver & charity founder Nathalie McGloin

  • Lunch & Speech - A chance to refuel and then listen to a speech from Nathalie about her life

  • More Driving - You will then get more driving sessions in the afternoon

  • Debrief - A chance to unwind after your exhilarating experience

Our Rally Experiences are tailored to suit you to ensure that you get the very best out of your day with us.

Shout out to the guys at Spinal Track who give people with disabilities the chance to experience motorsports.